Code of Conduct

Looking back, our good friend had returned from Europe to share adventures and encourage new opportunities. This discussion revolved around power efficiency rules around those little power adapters everybody uses to charge their phones, and that most just take for granted. The requirements were tightening again. The portion of the specification regarding the no-load power consumption caught our attention.

For those that do not already know, “no-load” is a term used to describe how much energy is consumed (or more precisely wasted) when the power adapter is not attached to a phone, and just waiting around in standby, sleep, or a nearly off-state, until a phone is attached.

The European Commission has a regulatory group that publishes a Code of Conduct, CoC, which expresses a variety of efficiency limits, was once again tightening the noose around no-load consumption, driving it even lower. Someone in the group confidently stated, “Hey, why not just drive it to zero?” Our euro-buddy responded, “Can you do that?…This is genius!” And thus the early genesis of a Prosary project was conceived.