Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G

Samsung releases a mid-life refresh of the flagship Galaxy S20 featuring the Qualcomm 865, an always-on OLED with diminutive hole-punch, and 25W fast charging. In short, we love it!

Regarding charging, the Samsung S20 Fan Edition 5G claims to support 25W fast charging while only including a 15W power adapter in the box. It turns out that fast chargers rarely operate at full power to protect the battery. Thus a 15W charger does a fairly excellent job of fast charging while maintaining a cooler charging profile. With respect to Prosary technology, that could be applied as an enhancement to both bundled 15W chargers, as well as 25W after-market chargers. Considering this might literally double the already huge number of Samsung power adapters sold, having those extra power adapters actually turn off when they say they are off, would make the world a little better place.

Beyond the charging discussion, we have a constructive experience to share seeking for improvement. As usual for this refresh, Google reserved Android 11 for the Nexus 5, while this Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G hobbles along with Android 10 and a variety of Samsung-ware. Curiously the Samsung-ware information and notifications are unbranded and did instill confusion. Several different apps asking for permission for performing effectively the same function without clearly identifying the source of the notification. Doubtful that Google App Store policy, EU regulations and/or California Consumer Protection Act allow such brash behavior. Samsung promises several generations of updates,-Maybe one or more of those will improve. Hope this is not perceived as a knock on Samsung, but rather an encouragement for Samsung as well as others in the community to do better.