Apple iPhone12 De-bundles Charger

Apple 5G offerings continue to lead with significant innovations including LIDAR, MagSafe, and a commitment to the environment. Of particular interest are the announcements to remove the power adapter and continued enhancements for wireless charging.

“…Committed to the Environment

Today, Apple is carbon neutral for global corporate operations and, by 2030, plans to have net zero climate impact across the entire business, which includes manufacturing supply chains and all product life cycles. This means that every Apple device sold, from material collection, component manufacturing, assembly, transport, customer use, charging, all the way through recycling and material recovery, will be 100 percent carbon neutral. iPhone 12 Pro models were designed with the environment in mind. For the first time, iPhone 12 Pro models will utilize 100 percent recycled rare earth elements in all magnets, including the new camera, Taptic Engine, and MagSafe, as well as Appleā€™s MagSafe accessories. Apple is also removing the power adapter and EarPods from iPhone packaging, further reducing carbon emissions and avoiding the mining and use of precious materials, which enables smaller and lighter packaging, and allows for 70 percent more boxes to be shipped on a pallet. Taken altogether, these changes will cut over 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually, equivalent to removing nearly 450,000 cars from the road per year…”

-Apple October 13, 2020 press release

We agree with Apple and their commitments to the environment. Prosary technology reduces wasted energy for both wired and wireless chargers. Apples initiative to remove basic-featured low-cost power adapters encourages healthy innovation and competition to improve charging solutions. As Apple and their competitors compete to improve efficiency, Prosary solutions are a natural step along the path to a greener good.