IPwe CEO, Eric Spangenberg has announced an initiative to apply NFT (non-fungible tokens) on patents. The announcement further states that IPwe will partner with IBM and in particular with IBM's blockchain group.

Spangenberg is quoted as saying, "Global IP investment was upwards of $1.9 trillion - even larger than the private equity industry. Most people have a very limited understanding of what it is, how it operates, how to value it, and to deploy it."

Looking forward to that time when interests in patents are easily, yet securely traded like stocks or bonds. Imagine owning fractional shares or investing in the future value of pending patents. In the meanwhile, enjoy saying the word "non-fungible".

Before & After

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Here is how charging operates more efficiently.
  • Smart power adapter is (truly) off
  • Attach smartphone
  • Power adapter requests “wake from off” power
  • Phone provides a tiny amount of power (for a fraction of a second)
  • Power adapter uses the wake from off power to light an LED within an opto-switch.
  • The opto-switch turns on power to the power adapter.
  • The power adapter communicates with the phone.
  • The phone accordingly switches from providing power, to consuming power from the power adapter, to charge the phone.
  • Detach phone
  • Smart power adapter turns off (consuming zero power)
  • Dumb power adapter is in standby mode (wasting power)
  • Attach smartphone
  • Power adapter increases switching speed and accelerates to an operating mode
  • Phone charges
  • Detach phone
  • Dumb power adapter returns to standby (joining billions of dumb power adapters waiting for a phone to be attached)