Before & After

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Here is how charging operates more efficiently.
  • Smart power adapter is (truly) off
  • Attach smartphone
  • Power adapter requests “wake from off” power
  • Phone provides a tiny amount of power (for a fraction of a second)
  • Power adapter uses the wake from off power to light an LED within an opto-switch.
  • The opto-switch turns on power to the power adapter.
  • The power adapter communicates with the phone.
  • The phone accordingly switches from providing power, to consuming power from the power adapter, to charge the phone.
  • Detach phone
  • Smart power adapter turns off (consuming zero power)
  • Dumb power adapter is in standby mode (wasting power)
  • Attach smartphone
  • Power adapter increases switching speed and accelerates to an operating mode
  • Phone charges
  • Detach phone
  • Dumb power adapter returns to standby (joining billions of dumb power adapters waiting for a phone to be attached)